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Brøndby Stadium is one of the stadiums in Denmark that has the most parking spaces at its disposal. In addition, there are numerous parking possibilities in the area around the stadium.

Parking Options

From Park Alle:
The nearest car park is at the Schneekloth Center (see Px on the map) where you enter at Brøndby Møllevej. This car park is generally reserved for visiting team supporters at major matches. Additional parking is available in front of and behind Brøndby City Hall (Px) as well as a grass car park next to the NKT warehouse (Px).

From Brøndbyvester Boulevard:
The nearest car park is at Tjørnehøjskolen (see Px on the map). From the car park, you can follow the path and tunnel under Brøndbyvester Boulevard to the stadium. Closer stadium parking can be found in front of Idrættens Hus (P3) or at Brøndby Hallen (P4).

Off-site Parking:
Brøndby county has established 700 parking spaces north of the City Hall and Sognevej at Priorparken (see Px on the map).

There is also over 1000 spaces south of the Holbæk motorway (Holbækmotorvejen). Good parking possibilites can be found here by following Brøndbyvester Boulevard south past the motorway (see Px on the map).


Note: The areas on the map marked P1 and P2 (der er ikke nogen P2 på kortet) require a special P-card issued by Brøndby IF.

Directions to Brøndby Stadium

For most, the route to Brøndby Stadium is over city streets through Brøndby. However, if you are coming from Copenhagen to the stadium via the motorway, take Holbækmotorvejen (21) West.

  1. Use exit number 2/Brøndbyvester. Continue to the light signal at Søndre Ringvej.
  2. At Søndre Ringvej, turn left. (There are signs showing the way to the stadium.)
  3. At the first light signal (Sydgårdsvej), turn left.
  4. At Brøndbyvester Boulevard turn left. Brøndby Stadium is on the right about 500 metres ahead.

If coming from the west on Holbækmotorvejen, use exit no.2/Brøndbyvester. Continue through the signal light onto Sydgårdsvej. At Brøndbyvester Boulevard, turn left. Brøndby Stadium is on the right about 500 metres ahead.