1. JUNI 2009 kl. 15:25
Business concept

In order that we can live up to Brøndby IF's mission and achieve the goals incorporated in the vision, Brøndby IF must continue its positive development.

This is to be done through advancements in these competence areas:

  • Sport
  • Sports arrangements
  • Sport facility operations

Included in this is our continued focus on the long-term goal to transform Brøndby Stadium into an activity centre within:

  • Sport
  • Education
  • Health

Progress has already begun with the establishment of Brøndby Upper Secondary School.

Brøndby IF will continue to expand our activities within our competence areas so long realistic budgets show feasible profits in the future. The idea being that this will strengthen both the Brøndby IF brand and commercial foundation.

Brøndby IF will constantly be on the lookout for way to develop the business, especially in areas closely related to our competencies. Prior to the integration of any new business area, a thorough feasibility analysis will always be performed.