1. JUNI 2009 kl. 13:17
Brøndby Stadium

Brøndby IF's home ground is Brøndby Stadium, which is situated in the Greater Copenhagen area. The stadium was rebuilt in 2000 and now has a total capacity of 26,000 spectators of which all can be seated.

The average attendance at Super League matches is 16,000. The stadium record dates back to June 18th 2003 when 31,508 spectators attended the match against F.C. Copenhagen.

The pitch dimensions are 68 metres x 105 metres. The stadium floodlight (2,200 lux) complies with international standards.

Brøndby fans welcoming the team

Brøndby Tifo and Brøndby Support organise the vocal and visual support at Brøndby Stadium

The administrative wing at Brøndby Stadium

Stadium history

Brøndby Stadium has seen five major extensions in its 38 years of existence. The first ground was laid out in 1965, and was nothing more than a field and an embankment rising to the staggering height of half a meter.

The ground was fitted with its first floodlights in 1980. Two years prior to this event, the stadium's first stand had been erected, holding 1,200 spectators, all seated beneath a cantilevered roof.

In 1982, an open stand holding 5,000 standing spectators was erected opposite the main stand.

In 1990, the open stand was extended to hold an extra 1,400 spectators as well fitted with a roof. 2 years later the stand was equipped with seats, as two new stands were erected, one at each end of the pitch.

The two new stands held 5,500 standing spectators each, increasing the stadium capacity to just below 20,000 spectators.

In 2000, the stadium was extended yet again, to seat 26,000 spectators for European tournament matches and 29,000 for Super League games.