1. JUNI 2009 kl. 14:31

Brøndby IF is one of the clubs in Denmark that has the greatest number of "New Danes" among its members. Therefore, through our project "From Bench to Pitch", we make a serious effort at integrating immigrants into Danish society. That means that here at Brøndby IF, we have room for all - tall and short, pale and dark, rich and poor. At Brøndby IF, our focus is on club colours, not skin colours.

For us, integration must also take place in the stands. The first condition to realising this, is that all feel secure and happy to come to the stadium, no matter their appearance, religion, or cultural background. In order for there to be room for all in Brøndby IF, requires that the individual fan is aware of his own responsibility. We are all Brøndby IF. You are Brøndby IF, and the way you represent Brøndby, both at home and away, contributes to the overall picture the world has of Brøndby IF.

Brøndby IF and its squads give racism in football the red card

A unique fan culture has developed in and around Brøndby IF, a fan culture that in many ways is cutting-edge and innovative within Danish football. It is built on mutual respect for each other's differences, community and solidarity. It is that culture we - in cooperation with Brøndby Support and the many Brøndby-fan clubs - strive to maintain and expand on so that Brøndby Stadium continues to be a place where everyone can feel at home.