1. JUNI 2009 kl. 14:45

The fan culture in Denmark is steadily developing, and as seen in other parts of the world, its football clubs have groups of fans that act out in way that is considered unacceptable. This is also true for Brøndby IF, and as such we work vigilantly to minimise this type of behaviour at all club matches.

Through the years, Brøndby IF has kept on eye on both the positive and negative developments within Denmark's fan culture. In response, the club has amassed a well-functioning staff of stewards, which also participates actively in steward training in other clubs; a close and positive relationship with Glostrup police; as well as petitioning from Brøndby's management to lawmakers to provide clubs and police with better tools to handle spectator disturbances. A dialogue has also been established between Brøndby IF and leading supporter groups including Brøndby Support.

Brøndby IF's Policies

Generally speaking, Brøndby IF's fans are characterised by their engagement, new thinking, creativity and fantastic support in good times and bad. There are, however, on occasion certain individuals or groups that create problems for others at away matches.

Brøndby IF carefully monitors each situation, in cooperation with other clubs and the relevant authorities, so that the hooligans' attempts at organising into special groups that commit or glorify violence at football matches are not tolerated.

In that respect, Brøndby IF would like to make clear its position on violent spectators in Danish football:

  • Hooligans and their actions are in no way accepted in connection with football matches/events
  • Brøndby IF has and will always combat any and all tendencies that will lead to an escalation of the problems associated with hooligans and hooligansim
  • Brøndby IF is in an active dialogue with fans and support groups regarding the development within the fan culture, and wish to work with fans for better conditions

Plan and Standpoint

Brøndby IF in partnership with Glostrup Police, will monitor hooligans and if necessary, determine the scope of a quarantine that will keep violent and instigating elements away from matches at Brøndby Stadium, and where possible, from away matches.

In that regard, we are happy to report that police now have access to the most effective tool in combating hooligans at matches, as well as avoid an escalation in problems: Registration of elements that actively seek out violence, as well as prevents violence at matches by excluding these elements from attending matches in Denmark.

Brøndby IF is also in a ongoing dialogue with fans including Brøndby IF's official fan club, Brøndby Support, on how we, on a more permanent basis, can ensure that it continues to be a safe experience to see a football match at Brøndby Stadium, as well as ensure good general behaviour to and from matches.

We are constantly working towards providing a total experience, where engaging football, fun, and a positive atmosphere are prioritised and where burgeoning hooliganism amongst supporters is hindered.

Football at Brøndby Stadium is a safe experience.

Football in Brøndby must continue to be a positive experience for everyone.