1. JUNI 2009 kl. 15:08

"That's what's so wonderful with these Brøndby players, they always think that they can make a difference no matter the opponent. You can count on them, because they just go out and do it no matter the opponent, without being overly impressed and with self-confidence."

That is the way former Danish national team manager Bo Johansson viewed the Brøndby players he had on his team. That is the way all Danish national team managers should view Brøndby, and, how the world should see Brøndby IF - not just in sports, but also in business.

We consider the following values - all of which are deeply rooted in Brøndby IF's history and evolution - to be key in the way we do things:

  • Determination epitomised by courage and fight
  • Ambitions that characterise Brøndby as being on the offensive and willing to go beyond its sports and commercial limits. Ambitions give rise to the pride we have for what has been achieved so far. It is our professional approach to football and business that has made it possible for us to have ambitions
  • Commitment, which emphasises the joy and enthusiasm associated with being a part of Brøndby IF; the passion of fans and volunteers; and the social responsibility that comes out engagement
  • Entertainment, is the football celebration that is to be experienced at every football match at Brøndby Stadium and when you accompany Brøndby IF at away matches

The four values are graphically illustrated in the foyer of Brøndby Stadium.


  • Brøndby IF will be the best in Northern Europe
  • Brøndby IF will have the most sound economy
  • Brøndby IF will have the greatest support from the public
  • Brøndby IF will have the best talent programme in Denmark


Through first-rate football experiences, and positive sports and financial results, we will create value for our stockholders, partners, spectators, fans and media, those who feel a part of Brøndby, and for ourselves.

We will maintain and cultivate the image we have as sympathetic, true and socially responsible, and in that way strengthen the positive branding of Brøndby IF.